What Is Performance Team?

Performance Team is a way all gymnasts are able to showcase there talent in a group atmosphere. Performance Team is a gymnastics performance incorporating any style and combination of gymnastics and dance. Gymnastics skills, Acrobatics and dance are choreographed and creatively arranged with or without music and using any large or hand held apparatus or no equipment at all.








Where can your Performance Team perform or compete?


In State

- GACT Gymnastics For All Events - Throughout the year

Inter State

- GNSW Festival of Gymnastics - Annual State Event

- GNSW  Gymsport Spectacular Theatre Show - Every 2 years

- Australian Gym 4 Life - Every 2 Years

- World Gymnaestrada (as part of the Australian Team) - Every 4 years

- World Gym For Life Contest (as part of the Australian Team) - Every 4 years





How old do I have to be to participate in Woden Valley Gymnastics Club's Performance Team?

Junior Performance Team Senior Performance Team Groove and move Performance

Primary School Secondary school And Above 50 yrs - 107 yrs

7 yrs - 12 yrs 12 yrs - 50 yrs



How do I become a part of WVGC's Performance Team?

Junior Team members have to be participating in a GymSport here at WVGC. To start a class at WVGC please see the How To Enrol Page.


Senior Team members do not have to have any prior gymnastics experience to participate. We do suggest to the younger gymnasts to participate in a different GymSport along side performance team to aid in their gymnastics development. Please see the How To Enrol Page to enrol for performance team or have a skills assessment completed.


Groove and Move - Please see the Groove and Move Page for more information.