Enable Gym

Enable Gym is a program designed to help children and young adults with special needs


The benefits of Enable Gym include:

  • opportunities to work on other skills; including paying attention; making eye contact; etc
  • provision of sensory-motor experiences
  • improvement of coordination skills
  • building confidence and self esteem
  • altering and affecting muscle tone
  • improving balance
  • strengthening muscle groups
  • increasing exercise tolerance
  • improving communication skills
  • provision of social and group participation
  • improvement of body and spatial awareness
  • fun and enjoyment
  • safe and quiet environment





Bookings required

Weekday afternoons from 2.15pm until 4.00pm






  Small group

   Potential progression to group classes



For any further enquiries regarding Enable Gym please contact Naomi on 6287 4121 or email: naomi@wodenvalley.net