Would you like to be more involved and have a say in how our club operates? Here are just a few of the ways parents and carers can get involved and assist our club.




While the Club pays its coaches and judges, volunteers are critical to the smooth and efficient running of the Club and are actively encouraged to participate.  Besides being members of the Club Committee which manages the day-to-day running of the Club, volunteers can:

    • Maintain and improve Club equipment and facilities;
    • Support teams traveling inter-state by acting as drivers, support staff or chaperones;
    • Run fund raising activities; 
    • Set-up and pack up competition equipment for National gymnastics events held at the AIS Arena;
    • Support National events by in the AIS Arena by running the Score Table; announcing; providing meals for officials, etc.
    • Become officials, for example, judges, floor manager, competition director, etc, at all competitions which includes local inter Club, State, National and International events. 




The Club is continually trying to find different ways of raising money so as to keep costs to parents at an affordable level.   We have many volunteer parents and friends who raise money by:

    • Conducting regular sausage sizzles at the gym.
    • Conducting functions for Club members.
    • Conducting raffles.
    • Identifying or becoming a possible sponsor.

The club may also place a fundraising levy on families which indicate that they do not wish to participate in fundraising. Money raised by fundraising and the fundraising levy is used for:

    • Subsidising gymnasts’ competition trips away interstate and overseas.
    • Providing cash incentives for outstanding gymnastics achievement.
    • Helping to pay for new equipment and upgrade of facilities.
    • Providing training scholarships. 

If you are interested in helping with fundraising, please have a chat with one of our friendly staff.




The Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting. It normally meets each month and parents and friends are always welcome. The Club Committee manages the Club administrative processes, the day-to-day training programs within the Club and develops Club policies and procedures. Minutes of all Club Committee meetings are available in the Office for perusal by club members, parents and visitors. 

If you would like to get involved with the club please dont hesitate to attend one of our committee meetings which are held every 2nd Tuesday of every month.