Frequently Asked Questions


What should I wear to class?


Shorts or leggings, leotard (this in non compulsory), a tight fitting t shirt, crop top or singlet, please ensure long hair is tied back and out of their face, no jewellery is to be worn. Please note shoes are not to be worn on the gym floor.


I was unable to attend a lesson, what should I do?


We allow for 2 'make up' lessons that must be completed within the current term. Notification of your absence is preferred before class, this can be done via phone or email.


Can I go on to the floor with my child?


ONLY parents of gymnasts who are under 5 years old and registered in our Kindergym programs may accompany their child onto the floor. Parents are not to go onto the floor at any time during a lesson.

Please be aware that the correct procedure for contacting you child or the coach is to approach the office staff who will pass on the message.

Do not approach your child or any of the other coaches while they are conducting a lesson. This is to ensure everyone's safety and to ensure that our classes run smoothly.


My Son/Daughter has a friend who would like to come and try gymnastics, can they come along and try out?


Unfortunately due to class sizes we cannot allow for students to try out in a class. If you have someone who is interested in gymnastics, have them contact our office and we can book them for an assessment (over 7 years). 


How big are your class groups?


We maintain a student teacher ratio of 9:1, 11:2 or 2:20 (kingergym) to facilitate individualised instruction.


Do I need to stay at the club during my child's class?


Aside from Kindergym (where a parent or guardian is required on the floor) you do not need to stay for your child's class. We request that if you are leaving the gym that you drop your child no earlier then 10 minutes before class, as our staff are preparing for their classes and cannot supervise your child.