Rules and Regulations


To help ensure your safe use and enjoyment of our facilities, we have established the following rules and regulations that we require everyone to follow.


Please note that from time to time we may find it necessary to amend or add to these rules and regulations. Rules and regulations may also be orally communicated to you or contained on signs posted in the club.


Please review and familiarise yourself with them. Please contact our club manager if you have any questions.


Gym Rules

  1. No food or drink in the Gym.

  2. No chewing gum in the Gym.

  3. No jewellery in the Gym.

  4. Long hair must be tied back in the Gym.

  5. Bare feet or socks only when training in the Gym.

  6. Gymnasts only allowed in the Gym with a Coach.

  7. No parents in the Gym unless as part of a Class.

  8. No running except when directed by a Coach.

  9. Don’t endanger yourself or anyone else.

  10. Always follow directions given by your Coach.

  11. Tell a Coach whenever you hurt yourself.

  12. Gymnasts are to follow the “Hands Off” policy.

  13. Gymnasts are to wait inside to be picked up.

  14. Gymnasts to use footwear and warm clothing when going outside.


Parents Code of Conduct


As a parent of a participant in any activity held by or under Woden Valley Gymnastics Club,  Gymnastics ACT or Gymnastics Australia, you must meet the following requirements in regards to your conduct during any such activity or event. Our parents code of conduct is outlined below. 

  1. Respect everyone’s rights, dignity and worth.

  2. Remember that children do gymnastics for the challenge and their own enjoyment, not yours.

  3. Focus on the efforts, achievements and performance rather than winning or losing.

  4. Never ridicule or yell at any child for making or appearing to make a mistake.

  5. Show appreciation for a good performance and high achievement by all participants and competitors.

  6. Demonstrate a high degree of individual responsibility, especially when dealing with, or in the vicinity of children, as your words and actions will be taken as an example of correct behavior.

  7. Do not act or talk in a negative or derogatory manner about any child, coach, judge or parent at any time.

  8. Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from all sporting activities. The ‘hands off’ policy applies to all parents as well as gymnasts and coaches.

  9. Encourage your child to always participate according to the rules.

  10. Respect the judge’s decisions and teach your child to do likewise.

  11. Show appreciation of coaches, officials and administrators, because without them, your child could not participate.

  12. Respect fellow parents as they watch or are involved in their child’s participation.

  13. Remember that you have given the care of your child to the coach, so respect his/her ability to get the best out of your child and those that train and compete together.

  14. Please be a positive role model in all things.