Club Values


The Woden Valley Gymnastics Club Philosophy


Woden Valley Gymnastics Club provides a safe and secure environment that creates a positive attitude to learning of the sport of gymnastics and provides all participants with equal opportunities to achieve the highest possible level of skills on all apparatus, commensurate with their ability and with their will to achieve.


Mission Statement


The mission of the Woden Valley Gymnastics Club is to provide quality gymnastics programs for people of all ages and abilities in the Canberra region.

We do this by:

  • providing suitably qualified and experienced coaches in all possible gymnastic disciplines;
  • providing a safe and challenging environment for learning;
  • providing positive encouragement to enhance  self-confidence, self-esteem; self-discipline and personal character in all     our participants; teaching programs developed under the auspices of the GA and Gymnastics ACT (GACT) to develop:
  • gross motor skills, such as balance, agility and spatial awareness; physical fitness, including flexibility, strength and endurance;
  • body co-ordination; and concentration and mental alertness.
  • assisting all our participants to achieve the highest possible level commensurate with their ability.