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Woden Valley Gymnastics Club (WVGC) is committed to providing every member with the highest levels of service. This includes protecting your privacy. The Club is bound by the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, which sets out a number of principles concerning the protection of individual’s personal information.

The aim of these laws is to ensure that organisations handle personal information responsibly and provide a consistent approach to its collection, use and disclosure. These laws also give the individual specific rights such as access to their personal information and the ability to correct it, if needed.

This Privacy Policy covers the following aspects about the use of your personal information that the Privacy Act 1988 requires the Club to communicate to all its members:

  • What is personal information?
  • Why we collect personal information.
  • How we collect personal information.
  • How we use personal information.
  • When we disclose personal information.
  • Storage and security of personal information.
  • Accuracy of personal information.
  • Access to personal information.

Personal Information

Personal information is information about an individual, whether true or not and no matter how it is recorded, which can reasonably lead to the identity of that individual.

WVGC collects personal information in order to properly and efficiently carry out its functions, including to provide all of its members with products and services requested by them and to facilitate the provision of marketing and promotion services that may be of interest.

This information is used only for the purposes for which it was provided and for directly related purposes, unless otherwise required or authorised by law. At times, the Club may state a more specific purpose when it collects additional personal information.

Collecting Personal Information

To deliver and enhance the services offered by the Club, we collect considerable personal information about all our members. The information collected will vary depending on the circumstances and may include, but is not limited to, all contact details, date of birth, gender, credit card details, employment details, working with vulnerable people identity cards, personal qualifications and/or communication history with the Club. We may also collect sensitive information about individuals such as medical histories, nationalities or other information of an extremely personal nature.


This personal information is provided voluntarily when you, or another family member:

  • registers to become an affiliated gymnast;
  • registers to become an affiliated technical member;
  • becomes a member of a committee, sub-committee, working party or volunteer position with the Club;
  • enters a sanctioned event or participation program;
  • participates in a sanctioned course;
  • purchases merchandise from the Club, Gymnastics ACT (GACT) or Gymnastics Australia (GA);
  • requests information from the Club, GACT or GA;
  • provides information to one of our staff; and/or
  • participates in one of the Club’s surveys.

Personal information may also be collected where the Club is required to do so by law. This could be, but is not limited to, for education services, child protection, work health and safety, medical services and other requirements as directed by Federal and ACT Government legislation.

Use of Personal Information

The Club will only collect information that is necessary for it to carry out its primary purpose of providing services relating to membership, education, events and merchandise. Personal information may be used for:

  • providing the services required;
  • internal accounting and administration;
  • regulatory reporting and compliance; and/or
  • helping to identify and inform about other products or services that may be of benefit.

If sufficient personal information is not provided then the Club may not be able to provide the full services required, or the level of service that it aspires to provide.

If the Club sends out any information about services or products that are not required, or if it discloses personal information to any other organisation that you do not agree to, then you must advise the Club Business Manager in writing. If the Club is not so advised then agreement is deemed to be confirmed on behalf of members and/or on behalf of others so represented.

Disclosure of Personal Information

The Club limits the use and disclosure of any personal information provided by it to such organisations for the specific purpose for which it was supplied.

The Club discloses personal information to other organisations that are believed necessary to assist in providing its services. Organisations to which the Club may disclose personal information include: 

  • outsourced service providers or authorities who manage aspects of the services that the Club provides, including:
    • GACT;
    • GA;
    • the Club’s insurance companies;
    • the Australian Sports Commission (ASC);
    • the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Agency (ASADA);
    • ACT Government authorities, including ACT Sport and Recreation Services.
  • the Club’s professional advisors, including accountants, auditors and lawyers; and
  • Government and regulatory authorities and other organisations, as required or authorized by law.

The Club limits such disclosure to only those personal details needed to achieve the specific purpose for which the Club is supplying it to those organisations.

If the Club is provided with personal information about other adults, it relies on the person giving the information to have made them aware that such information about them has been or will be provided to the Club, the purposes for which it has been provided, the types of third parties the Club may disclose it to and how they can access it. This is extremely important for the Club in circumstances where it discloses personal information to other organisations.

Storage and Security of Personal Information

WVGC stores personal information on paper files and in computer databases. It may then be held in both paper and computer file format. Much of the personal information collected in paper format is transferred to the Club’s computer-based membership database. This information may then be linked to other information that may be stored about the Club’s members.

The Club has implemented measures of a reasonable nature to ensure that all personal information is securely stored to avoid misuse, loss, unauthorized access and disclosure. Some of the security measures used by the Club include strict confidentiality requirements by staff, volunteers and service providers, security measures for computer access and secure storage.

Accuracy of Personal Information

The Club takes all responsible and reasonable steps to ensure that whenever personal information is collected, used or disclosed that it is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

Access to Personal Information

All members have a right to access their personal information, subject to some exceptions allowed by law. Access to personal information can be given by contacting the Club’s Business Manager or by writing to the Club.

Members are requested to advise the Club at any time about possible breaches of privacy, or inaccurate, incomplete personal information which needs to be changed.

Resolving Privacy Issues and Complaints

Any issues or complaints in relation to the collection, use, disclosure, quality, security of and access to personal information should be directed to the Club Management Committee as follows: